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Re: Port & Polish vs. Extrude Hone

Depends on what your ultimate goal is...
Extrude honing is great for removing the same amount of material throughout the
ports, but just making the ports larger isn't always the answer.
Hand porting allows you to correct airflow as well as increase it. In our
experience this has proven to be more cost effective than extrude honing.

Todd Candey
Vortrag Motorsports Inc.

JShadzi@aol.com wrote:

>         Extrude Honing is the way to go, but if you are willing to part with
> a serious chunk of money.  They wanted $500 to run my intake manifold!!!  I
> bet your head would be up around $1000.  Give them a call.  I weighed the
> costs:  Myself port and polish job...about $50, surely not as effective as
> the EH, but its cost never made it an option for me...Where do you plan of
> getting the stroker crank?  Let me know how your project comes along ;)
> Javad Shadzi
> 86 coupe GT