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Once more into the brink - 2000 Calendars

Hi Y'all,

I just received a mailing from the company which does the Audi Calendars
that we have gotten in previous years.

For 2000 they will have three (3) different wall calendars available.
(There are also desk calendars, planners, etc.  If you are interested in
these, ask and I'll tell you about them.)

1.  Audi wall calendar (modern cars)  DEM 7.53 each
2.  Audi Tradition wall calendar (Auto Union and NSU racers) DEM 12.00
3.  Audi Motorsport wall calendar (features the R8)  DEM 7.53 each

Minimum order is 10 of any style.  Individual packaging is available at DEM
0.89 each.

These prices **DO NOT** include shipping which will be a major portion of
the cost involved.  Individual shipments of single calendars from Germany
will *not* be done.  I suggest that someone from each region of the country
accept the responsibility of accepting shipment of 10 or more calendars for
subsequent delivery to list members of the region.  Each region must meet
the 10 calendar (of one type) minimum order amount.

Total cost?  I have no clear idea.  It depends on the shipping costs.  This
can be a significant amount.  Perhaps US$25 (or possibly $30? this sounds a
bit high but I'd suggest it as a top figure)

If the order can be placed by July 2, 1999 then it is possible to have the
calendars imprinted with our "business name" (only one line - I'd suggest
quattro@audifans.com).  After July 2 only non-imprinted calendars will be
available (until August, 1999).  After that we are SOL.

The new contact in Germany is:

Audi Kalendar Service
Kalendar and Promotion Verlag
Markus Funke
Carl-Bertlelsmann-Str. 161 K
D-33311 Gutersich  (That's a "u" with an umlaut.)

Phone: +49/52 41/80 16 58
Fax:   +49/52 41/80 93 97

I would be willing to accept some calendars at my WV location for delivery
here (within a few miles of US-19 for those who travel this way) or in DC
since I get to DC frequently.  I don't want to go to the expense and hassle
of trying to handle continent-wide deliveries again.  Last year was just
too much.

Tell me what you want to do.

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