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Re: Need copy of ETKA

Another useful download utility that does _not_ expire is Go!zilla. It
allows you to stack up a bunch of downloads and set them to process late at
night in a selected order, with as many as 25 restarts (from sites that
allow resuming - not all do). You get a nag screen ocassionally, but there
is no fee or expiration. Very useful. Disable the sound though - there is a
gorilla roar when the program opens that is really irritating.


John Davies

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Sent: Saturday, June 12, 1999 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Need copy of ETKA

>I would
> suggest that you download a program called cute ftp found at
> it is free for 30 days which should be plenty of time to get it
> This really is the only way to go about downloading something like this,
> trying to use Internet explorer or Netscape will only drive you crazy.
> Luck to all=)
> Mike Guidotti
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