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German Parts

Have been talking to my friend in Germany and...

RS2 parts are readily available!  Bumpers, lights, mirrors, trim...  I can
get H&R Coil-Overs for almost any early Audi!  S2 lower control arms,
Porsche calipers with MovIt brackets, almost anything that the US is
lacking in.  He also gets parts very cheap, DM to USD exchange rate is
very good at the moment, and he will send as a gift under a certain
monetary value to avoid the VAT tax(16%!).

Experience so far has been one of learning.  Wire transfers are costly,
just a warning!  I have been through much confusion with trying to deliver
Porsche 993 Euro-Shocks to my mechanic from Germany, but now I know the
proper procedure for transfering money.  Next week I will learn the exact
procedure for getting imported freight from an air carrier. 

Orders can be placed by getting an exact part number to me.  Then I will
take care of all the arrangements and delivery excluding money transfer
for a small negotiable monetary gas, toll, customs... fee.

Contact me anytime and I should reply in a day or so.

Give me a buzz if I can help,

 Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
------The Audi 80 Pages------   
        ICQ 29279171

 Katonah, NY  Burlington, VT