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Have all EKTA files. For those people who wanted a CD, email me. Also need wheel advice.

For all of you MA and NH area people(alright, I'll consider others if you
plead your case well enough) who I talked to about an EKTA CD, please email
me again.  I have all the files though I haven't installed succesfully
yet(would appreciate some direction here).

Also, does anybody have any opinions on the quality of the following
aftermarket wheels?  TSW, Borbet, Ronal and AEZ.  I have previous experience
with MSW which lead me to not recommend them to anyone.  I also had
Panasports which were excellent but they don't make anything that would look
good on an A4.  Finally, I see some wheels I really like at
http://www.aez-wheels.com/ but I can't find a US distributor.  If anyone
knows one please share.

Paul Wilson
'98.5 A4 1.8TQS