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Re: early 80's 5k's?

Hmm....The aero-body 5000's that were built before 1986 had the 4
headlights. 5000CS models had the taillights which go across up to the
license plate; 5000S models had a black area between the taillights and the
license plate. I may be wrong though. =)

86 5kcst
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Subject: early 80's 5k's?

> When did the 5k's taillights and reflectors design get pulled away from
>the license plate?  I have seen some that go all the way to center, but
>my 87 and the 86 next door have a black area between the lights and the
>tag.  Why the change?
> Also, why do some of these cars have 4 separate headlights and the
>86-88's I see have just two?
>Thanks in advance,
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