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Re: I love QUATTRO

that's OK.....you can easily divert their attention by making an erroneous


Dave Eaton wrote:

> interesting to me that the thread where we all boast of our
> speed-from-the-traffic-lights prowess (do we stop at 60mph or 100mph?), or
> lack thereof, against whatever opposition assembles on the day show no sign
> of abating....
> then some unfortunate talks about going fast around corners, and a bunch of
> sanctimonious people jump down his throat.
> mmmm.....
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q
> '88 mb 2.3-16
> -----Original Message-----
> Imagine the accident, and the kids, it's going to be real horrible. Man,
> whoever was in that quattro ought to be in jail.
> "Killer car", perhaps this is how quattro gets its bad name.