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Remember me?? I WANT TO COME HOME!!

Hello people.  I hope some of the old familiars are still around.

My name is Saam Gabbay.  I have had 6 Audi's in my past, and my family still
runs in an Audi A4Q and A6Q.  About 2 years ago, I sold my final Audi, a
pearl white 1990 Coupe Q and bought the 5th Boxster shipped to North
America.  Needless to say, I'm ready to come back.  Though having the
Boxster was a blast, I have had too many dreams about the Avant and S4 to
deny my intentions.

Here are the questions.  YES, I know the S4 is coming to the US and thank
god.  But, does anyone know if the S4 Avant is coming??  My dealer says NO
but when have they ever known more than us?  I am hoping to get some
feedback from my old friends.

The goal is this.  SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, end up with a yellow S4 Avant.  Gray
market is an option, but I would prefer a US model.  ANY info would help.
Is Canada getting any?  Mexico?  Any of the America's???

I hope the old crew is alive and well.