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Re: part number?


Thanks. As usual, Phil Payne beat everyone to the reply.
Does that man live on the computer? ;^)

Anyway, I was able to get the part from the local VW dealer
(only $7 each) and it was a good thing I did--on my way home
to lunch after getting the parts, the throttle cable fell
off (actually, the balance weight). I did have the presence
of mind to hit the cruise control before slowing to a crawl,
but it took me until I'd coasted down to 30mph before
thinking of it. Made for an interesting jaunt down the
highway (actually, down the edge of the highway).

Installed and as good as new now. So, what's next?

Thanks to all who replied quickly,

Dave Nevin
Lawrence, KS
87 4KCSq

Greg Herrmann wrote:
> Dave,
> It appears that the part number that you need is 431 721 559.  Looks like
> you need two of them.  The cable attaches to the balance weight which in
> turn attaches to the pedal.
> Greg Herrmann
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> From: Dave <dnevin@eagle.cc.ukans.edu>
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> Sent: Monday, June 14, 1999 11:11 AM
> Subject: part number?
> > I need to replace the little rubber grommets that connect
> > the accelerator pedal to the throttle cable on my 87 4KCSq.
> > I don't have a local Audi dealer, and the VW dealer said he
> > might be able to match up the part if he has the part
> > number.
> >
> > Anyone have a way of looking these up for me this morning?
> >
> > Please reply direct--thanks.
> >
> > Dave Nevin
> > Lawrence, KS
> > 87 4KCSq
> > dnevin@eagle.cc.ukans.edu