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Re: color of anti-freeze

Well, maybe, but, as I remember, Audi changed to a lifetime antifreeze
sometime in 1996 that is RED--this according to the web page with the 1996
and later service bulletins. Red, brown, maybe there is room for compromise
in color definition. You can download the bulletin at
Paul Meyers 87 5KCStq 130K mi 5spd, Silver. Stock + Fuch wheels

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Brown.  Brown is not so good.  Green/yellow is more like it.  Brown makes
me think there's some oil leaking into your anti-freeze.  Possibly this
could be a head gasket issue.

Look carefully to see if the brownish stuff is floating on top of the
antifreeze, or stuck to the sides of the reservoir.  Oil doesn't mix with
antifreeze and will therefore remain separated.

You might also want to check if your engine oil cap has a milky brownish
mixture adhered to it.


At 12:54 PM 6/14/99 -0500, Kubycheck Russell-CRK022 wrote:
>What color should the anti-freeze be?(in a '97 A6)
>The car is still under Audi's free care so I have not look closely at it,
>But over the weekend I checked the fluids and noted the color of the
>antifreeze. It was Brown. Is this right? Why is it different than the usual
>neon green or neon orange?
>'97 A6wq
>'93 90cs