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Re: window regulator mounts???


The number I was given the other day was:

431 133 741

I was able to get 431 133 741A from TPC, but haven't tried them yet.  The
"studs" look a little long.

John Corbs
Traverse City, MI
'83 & '85 Ur-qs (for my sins)
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Sent: Monday, June 14, 1999 5:44 PM
Subject: window regulator mounts???

> I guess it's rubber part week.
> two out of three of the rubber "bonded" mounts for my driver's side
> power window reg. busted recently.  threw in a set of "spares", maybe I
> over torqued them, maybe they were dead too, but they both broke.
> Anyway, ETKA and the fiche don't show them as a separate part!  Anyone
> figure this one out already?  (there are two different sizes, I would
> like to get both).  82 Coupe, as if that mattered.
> I guess I should go look at other models, but the Coupe diagram (102-10)
> scares me into thinking they only sell these with the complete
> regulator.  Hmmm
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