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Re: Bleeding fuel line after new filters on 86 4kq

In message <3766489C.C3CF78FF@ix.netcom.com> John Stanton writes:

> Confirmed that the fuel pump is indeed working and seems to be pumping
> out quite a bit of fuel.  I have removed the two fuel filters the
> residual fuel was quite dirty.  I am hoping that replacing them will
> solve my problem for the moment.  What is the best procedure for
> bleeding the system some say just crank and no need to bleed others have
> a complete procedure.  Any opinions on how to out there?

No, don't just crank.  If there's any dirt in the system it might go
into the metering head, injectors or cold start valve.

Hook the system up ready to go, pull the connector off the warm-up
regulator (so it doesn't heat up) and then jumper the fuel pump via the
relay socket - it's the large connector parallel to and nearest to the
side of the fuse box.  This will flush fuel round the loop, back into
the tank and eventually back through the filters.  Let it run for a
minute or more.

 Phil Payne
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