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Re: Needed: mandrel bending,custom fabricating,exhaust shop in the Northeast

I believe Stebro will custom make about anything out of T304 stainless
steel-- the caviat is that they require a sample to copy.  As long as
your downpipe is still intact (albeit full of holes) enough to establish
the proper orientation of any flanges, they should be able to make one
for you.  I got a ballpark quote of about $300 for a 5000cstq downpipe
made from scratch out of T304, but never sent them the work (I had it
TIG welded locally for $50 at a welding shop.)  If the pipe is indeed
stainless steel, why don't you take it to a welding shop??  If not, give
Stebro a try.  They're near Ottawa, Ontario-- northeast enough for

Good luck.

Eric "The Manicured Mechanic"
Chicago, IL

"Hare,Stott (X)" wrote:
> Well even though Huw thinks only rubber parts are breaking this week, I have
> found otherwise. :-(
> I dove under the hood of the Callaway 4ktq to fix a leaky exhaust manifold
> gasket.  Never heard one so loud.  Of course, my good buddy Chris chided me
> saying, "It's just a cracked exhaust manifold!".  Which won't be good, being
> it is the only one in existence that I know of.
> And as usual, he was more right than wrong.  I fixed replaced the leaky
> manifold gasket, but I'm still wondering what I'm going to do about the
> custom downpipe from turbo to kitty that has decided to rip itself in two in
> grand style.  And only a week+ from the Mt. Washington Hillclimb and Audi
> Corral to boot!  Such luck.
> Ah yes, I did have a question.  So where in the Northeast can I bring the
> remains of my exhaust downpipe to get a new one fabricated?  Anyone have any
> experience with any NE shops??  I guess I could throw it all back together
> and go pay Graydon a visit, but I'm thinking short notice exhaust
> fabrication work isn't on his top ten list of things to do.
> Thanks!
> -S
> Stott Hare
> 85 Callaway 4ktq (suddenly very loud)
> 84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress)

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