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Re: S4 sighting


Yes I am a fellow lister - more of a lurker than anything else.  
Maybe that will change when I start bringing my 88 90Q up to snuff.

That was my wife and myself on our way to NC.  My wife's father 
has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and pancreas (1 to 6 
weeks to live).

Fri, 11 Jun 1999 19:06:20 -0400 Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>

> Hi Y'all,
> Saw a reeeeeal purdy dark green S4 on I-64 eastbound in eastern KY this
> afternoon.  Got a wave and ran with them for a while before the better half
> and I drove off and left them.  Wisconsin plates STP-206 or something close
> to that.  The STP is correct for sure.
> List member?

Thomas A. Robbs 93S4 8890Q
Milwaukee, WI