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Re: UrQ Intake Manifold Question

Sounds like your idle adjustment screw is missing.  Probably a pretty
integral part.  You should be able to get tons at your local salvage yards.

James Fawcett    86 5kTQ

> Okay, this is a stupid question, but I can't fnd the answer in any of my
> references:
> Today while driving down the interstate, a loud whistle began.  When I
> pulled over to investigate, the car wouldn't idle. Since I've just
> fitted my 3rd IC-IM hose, I assumed something else was wrong for a
> change.
> Front and center of the intake manifold (just above where the intake
> hose attaches) is a raised flange with a threaded hole in it, causing a
> significant vacuum leak. While I've never noticed this hole before, I
> assume I'm missing something. ;-)
> What specifically goes here?  If it's just a bolt plugging a test port,
> anybody know the size and pitch?  Nothing I have here at home seems to
> match.  (It appears to be 6mm, but neither fine nor coarse bolts seemed
> to fit.)
> Thanks!
> Bill Elliott
> Lake Mills, WI
> 85 UrQ whistling while it works....