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Re: positive vendor report (window regulator from Blau)

Must have been the night for window regulator repair. I
installed the Blau kit on my regulator last night. It now
works properly. It is a little slower than the stock unit,
but as David Browning said, at $99 it does seem reasonable.

I personally enjoyed following instruction that involve the
use of duct tape. ;^ )

Dave Nevin
87 4KCSq

"Browning David (TVCS)" wrote:
> Dave and anyone else interested,
> Just an update on the window regulator from Blau.  I received it yesterday
> and helped my dad put it in last night.  All the instructions you mentioned
> came with it.  We had to enlarge one hole and drill a new one in the window
> bracket.  The rest of it bolted right up.  Pretty reasonable for $99.
> Hopefully, it will last quite a while.  I noticed that the mechanism is a
> little different, and the motor happens to be on the other side of the
> slide.
> David B.