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Help - 80q rear calliper

Well I'm at my witt's end.  The rear calliper (R. side) is not releasing once again.  They were both replaced about 9 mo ago, and this one will be under warranty... but out of stock.  So, I've been waiting about 6 wks now...  Now, I just need to get it back on the road until the new one comes.
Things I've tried: 
- Loosening the bleeder (to prove it's not hydraulic pressure on the piston).  I believe this rules out the master cylinder??
- removing parking brake cable - rules out cable tension
Each time after reassembly, I've pumped the brakes only to find it locked up.  It can be released by pushing the calliper inward or outward, but only to lockup with next brake application.  This seems to indicate internal binding.  Is there a way to disassemble the guts to clean up the insides and the parking brake mechanism?  I've tried to turn the piston by placing a crude allen wrench (aka bolt), but haven't been successful.  I get about 1 full turn before it quits.
Any suggestions?  It's a GIRLING 36.
jim slusser
'90 80q - deerless at last, but too much brake.