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Beatting a dead horse??? - Thunderhill track day

Hey guys,

Well, I may be "beating a dead horse" here, but I'm going to ask again....

Is anyone working on the possibility of organizing a track day at
Thunderhill Park the week after the Monterey Historics.  I don't know my
exact plans yet, and I may have to rush back to a job like many of you, but
if I can take a few days off....  A track day there would be great!  The
track looks beautiful and I don't know when I'll be in California with my
car again, so I am thinking this would be a great time for some of use club
members to hit a track in CA!!!!

Well, I don't know how much interest there is, so again...I may be thrashing
at this poor horse, but I am definatley interested.  Anyone working on
this????  Also, maybee a quick poll from those who are attending the
Historics....Who is interested????

Let's get some interest and get this ball going.  I'll even take up trying
to organize it if no one is working on it.  But, remember, I MAY not be able
to attend if I get a job in the next few weeks.  Don't worry....I'll
definately be attending the historics.  I know you guys were panicing that
you may not be graced with my presence!!!!  You didn't get off that easy!!!!