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RE: Euro lights question.

> anyway, you should be installing relays for the ehadlights about now
> too.  trigger the relays off the old connector, switched power from them
> goes to the new socket, etc. etc...
... whenever such a recommendation is made we should try to be careful to
remind the recipient that unless some change to the "headlight burned-out"
sensing circuitry is done that they can expect the headlight warning to come
on after the relays are added.  

While we're on the subject, I was contacted by a fellow q-fan (I don't think
he's on the audifans list though) who just purchased a set of Euro-lights
for his 200q (or it may be a 5kq).  He told me that the workmanship on his
lamps was very shoddy, with fingerprints inside the lens and on the
reflector, bad enough to affect the crispness of the beam pattern on the
right side.  His lamps were supposed to be brand new Bosch units ... I
compared his to mine, and they are the same part, both manufactured in
Czechoslovakia.  I suggested that he should return the units to the place he
bought them!  Has anyone else seen similar workmanship issues on the Bosch

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)