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Re: 944/951

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From: Martin Pajak <urquattro@wave.home.com>
To: Michael Williams <urquattro@surfree.com>
Cc: Quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: 944/951

>> I would say this is more true of the 924 (early one) instead of the 944.
>> The 944 is all porsche....

Michael.... Remember, the 924 production did not end untill 1987 or 88.
Very late, and way after 944 production began (83 or 84).  These later 924's
are basically a 944 in 924 skin.  A sheep in wolf's clothing so to speak.
It is favored by the Porsche 944 racers for it's weight advantage.

>Not really.  The early 1983-1985.5 944's still used VW Rabbit front control
>arms.  Interior switches and couple of gauges were VW/Audi part numbers
>basically still had 924 interior, suspension, floor pan etc.)  they also
>Audi 016 FWD tranny!

Yes, and these earlier 944's are also more favored by those that race 944's.
Apparently these earlier metal control arms are much stronger than the later
aluminum ones which tend to break easily when pushed hard (i.e. racing).

>You can consider the early 944 is to 924 as Ur-q is to Coupe.
>Many shared parts.

Sorta... Not a perfect analogy though.