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Re: Fuel lines

On my '91 200q20v, the fuel lines had been replaced from just under the front
heat sheild to fairly far back using copper. The mechanic at the Audi dealer
where I bought the car said it was a good repair. He said that the lines tend
to corrode when water collects under the heat sheild. I hadn't heard of that


Jim Haseltine wrote:
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> > << Copper?  to fight corrosion?  that's a new one on me.
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> > I passed on this the first time around,cause I figured most folks would
> know
> > that copper does not have the strength to serve as brake line material.
> Sorry folks, I should have made things clearer - when I was suggesting
> copper replacement it was for the fuel lines, for the brake line I'm using
> Kunifer.
> So, is copper too soft for the fuel lines?
> Jim Haseltine.


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