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Re: Coupe GT wheel bearing and strut replacement


Just did that job on my 86 4kcsq.  Get the right tools for dealing with the
struts.  You need a cut open 22mm socket so your 8mm allen wrench
will have access.  Also there is a slotted bushing that uses a pin wrench
to remove.  If you use anything else you will ruin the bushing.

Once you have the struts off the car take them to a shop with a press and
have them change the bearings for you.  You will save a ton of grief for just
a relatively small amount of cash.

Now that you have the suspension that far apart check the tie rod ends & ball
joints.  The control arm bushings could also be changed, again save yourself
the grief & have a shop change them.

I replaced all of the above & what a difference.  Tight as a new car!

The gasket is cheap, they come in the CV boot kits, should you want
to do that job while everything is apart.

Access to a large bench vice on a heavy bench will make your
life much easier.


Mnbland@aol.com wrote:

> I'm sure lots of q-listers have replaced their front struts and wheel
> bearings.
> I'd appreciate any advice and tips!!
> TIA,
> Mike Bland