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Re: Ur at full speed

The dash will only show up to 255 km per hour, after that you are left
guessing and staring at the climbing tachometer...

BTDT, only with a 400plus hp RS2 powered urq.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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From: Wiesner Ralf <Ralf.Wiesner@at.siemens.de>
To: 'quattro@audifans.com' <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: 16. kesäkuuta 1999 9:44
Subject: Ur at full speed

>Oh dudes,
>i got my ur since 2/99 and until
>yesterday i didnt drive it really hot
>at the motorway.
>The dash showed 240 Km/h and i think its not the end of it
>for the motorway was not free i could hold it only for some secs...
>What a GREAT car!
>greetings from germany
>Ralf Wiesner