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Re: Test Drive

I've felt the same way about an S4/S6, but bought an A6 instead.  Why?
Because in order to get one for anything near what I paid for my A6, it'd
have to have 80-100k miles on it.  And even then it'd be $4-5k more than my
A6.  So, I kind of look at having an A6 as an interim Quattro until I can
scrape up some more funds and buy an S6 (or a chipped 1.8tqms).  But I was
still green with envy when a co-worker showed up a week after I bought my A6
with a low mileage, 95 S6 with pearl paint.  What a beautiful car.  Around
$10k more than what I paid for my A6 with the same mileage and options.