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RE: Test Drive

My wife is really great about my car addictions, but you're right they just
don't understand us guys.  When we bought the A6Q, it was a little bit of a
present for her, because she was used to my 944 with a 5spd, and she prefers
not to drive a clutch. Since the A6 is our only automatic (I much prefer
clutches), she doesn't want to lose it and right now I can't afford an S and
keep the A6.  You have given me great hope though!  If we get a new S6/S4
used prices should drop!  You just made my day!!!!

Samuel W. Clough
INVESCO Retirement Plan Services

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> > Looked in the garage this morning and still a little sad,
> >  Samuel (Out cheating on the A6 last night)
> >  95 A6Q (Feeling betrayed, but still loved by my wife)
> Cheer up Sam!
> I assume you have the 95 A6 which had the same body as the S4.  
> About the wife, don't cheat your car and your wife too...=)  though wives 
> dont' really understand us guys.  Wives see it, as a waste of money for no
> reason, because your not a grand prix driver.  You see it as the best 
> investment you can own.  But then again, what is your wives for?  To save
> you 
> the $$$.... ;-)
> Think about this though.  As soon as the new S4 comes into the market, the
> older S4 body style price will most likely drop.  THen its time for some
> fun.
> Jason C
> 89 200t10v
> Redmond WA
> Wife-less comes with penny-less