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One less lister, was Stupid bet!

iviarty@juno.com writes:

> 	I bet my friend tonight.
> He has a 1987 TPI Camaro IROC-Z V-8.
> I have a 1987 Audi 5ks.  It is Non-Q, Non-T.
> The bet was that on open, straight highway, who would win the race from
> 80 to 110mph.

I'm willing to bet $20 that if you don't crash and kill yourselves, or other
people, the cop that hauls your sorry asses into jail is *really* pissed at
you for being so stupid.

I'm willing to take a corollary bet that if you *do* crash, despite the fact
that the 10 PM News will show at least a 45 second shot of the wreckage,
nobody will be able to tell which was the Camaro and which was the Audi, nor
how many doors either car had, or even what color they were.

I'm further willing to bet that while this may not be the last stupid thing
you do, something like this will be.

</soapbox rant>