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Sorry about this racing thread!

Fellow listers, 

	Sorry for the thread that this thing started.  Let me make some
disclaimers before anymore flames hit my inbox.  My friend and I are both
free, legal, and over 21.  We are aware of our responsibilities as
drivers and as citizens.  If we mess up, we are aware of the
consequences.  No pedestrians exist where this going to happen, and there
is more than ample room for acceleration, running, and deceleration.  We
live in area with lots of deserted roads and wide open, flat  spaces. On
a particular interstate higway, visibility is the range of miles.  I have
personally driven through large CITIES (Atlanta, Minneapolis (very
curvy), Chicago, Miami, etc.) and have been in the SLOW lane doing 85-90
mph.  Jason is correct when saying that much greater control is necessary
at higher speeds.  It's the people driving that fast that don't have
control of their vehicles that kill themselves.  
	I asked a simple question about the performance of mine vs. his. 
Instead, I became the poster boy for Charles Darwin (It's only a theory,
anyway).  All of us (I would assume) like to drive our Audis.  I want to
see what it can do, and this is how I choose to do it.  I like mine so
much, I don't want anything but an Audi in the future.  I ask ANYTHING
concerning my Audi to this list, and usually get many helpful replies. 
"Simple" things like my battery/alternator problem have been solved by
this list (Thanks, Justin), and this list is a phenomenal tool for
someone like me.
	I apologize for this rant and taking up time with this stupid thread. 
If I don't like something I read, there is always a "Delete" within a
fingertip's reach.  And if I want to flame someone, I do it off-list.

Race your Audis safely and have some friendly competition, 

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