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89 200tqa wont restart

After short drives, such that the car is probably not fully warmed up,
sometimes the car wont restart right away. You can keep on cranking. If
you wait 5 mins, it'll restart. I had this happen last night, whereupon
my wife informed me that it had happened to her a couple of times too.
(How do women expect cars to be reliable if they wont report problems?
Sheesh! :-)

Is this because my injector cooling fan does not work? Could it be due
to leaking injectors?

The cooling fan is due to be swapped out shortly. Car is going to the
mechanic for the duration of my 2 week vaca, so I need to make a list of
all the crap that still needs to be done.

BTW, I got my strut bar. Works very nicely. 5 minute install, fits
perfectly, very well made with very robust welds. Makes the steering
*much* lighter and more direct - less lag upon turn in. Anyone local is
welcome to come over and try it in July (Stamford, CT). So far, only 3
commitments for the group purchase, so doubt it'll happen. If you have a
91 or a 5k, and want one, I'll talk to them about including those in the
total for the discount.

Thanks in advance. Samir.