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Re: signal-to-noise and contribute-to-gripe ratios

I just want to complain about people who complain about
people who complain..........just chop off the last 8 words
for the real statement....I just want to complain

in which case an appropriate response is 'have some cheese
with your whine'.......or as Yosemite Sam always says to

John Cunningham wrote:

> hmmm, ok but you just added to the negative bandwidth, right?
> "R. W. Zehr" wrote:
> > When people start complaining because "OK, I've sent this to the list
> > twice now and gotten exactly 0 (that's right, 0.0 for you turbo folks!)
> > responses!!!!!!", we seem to be in the "I'm entitled" mode that boils my
> IMHO, there's nothing wrong with a repost mentioning that you haven't gotten
> an answer yet.  you never know if someone has had off-list answers unless
> this happens.  it's just the way that an unstructured cooperative group has
> to work.  his plea brought attention to the fact that he still had the
> problem, and he got a bunch of (hopefully) helpful replies...  let's not be
> too touchy...