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Re: Is'nt this an Audi list, not a bitch list..

Sure could use Unka Bart about now...

Tomas Leveckis wrote:

> if this isn't a bitch list, then why are you bitching............because you
> like it
> JShadzi@aol.com wrote:
> >         Its funny.  A couple of weeks ago, I sent a long email about an
> > exciting opportunity I am engaging in.  It was about a MC conversion in a
> > Coupe Quattro.  I asked for the lists ideas and opinions, and had only one
> > unrelated reply!
> >         Now, some yahoo talks about racing for 20 measly bucks in some corn
> > field in Iowa, and the list is flooded with concerned American citizens for
> > the children of our country and their safety.  Let me tell you, the most
> > danger most children in this country will ever suffer is from their jack ass
> > perverted uncles and fathers!  Here is a hint.  When you reply to someone,
> > concerned about their actions, and they argue with you incessantly for three
> > days...your not changing their mind, and completely wasting our time.
> >         There is an agency in this country called the government.  They have
> > people driving around making sure everyone behaves themselves.  I am not
> > supporting driving recklessly, but all who do it will be subjected to, and
> > take the risk of being punished accordingly.  Let them have their free
> > opportunity to be punished, that is the right we all have.  I am going to the
> > Virginia City Hill Climb right now, hopefully we are talking about something
> > more interesting when I get back...
> >         Javad Shadzi