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Cooling fan resistors...

>>When should it run how? -what about when the A/C is switched on?

>Should run at 1st stage (slow) when A/C is on (always).  Same speed >for afew
minutes if after run circuit is working.  2nd stage is the  >regular speed for
normal cooling.  Hurricane stage or 3rd stage is >power direct tomotor (with
dual heavy gauge wires) and is only for >near overheat condition.
..and the latter seems to be all I get. So,
where are those resistors? ('84 5kS)

>Anyone know how to determine the condition of the
>cooling fan resistor pack? 

Ohm-metering would be the only way, I think.

>My ohm meter doesn't seem to understand how to deal with the low >resistances
on mine. 

They can't be *that* low. While I don't know the exact values,
your meter can't be primitive enough to underflow on these.
I take it says 0 ohm? Then either the resistor itself is melted
into one solid piece, or (more likely? I don't know how they're
mounted) there's something shorted in the pack, maybe fixable?

What sort of wattage do these have to withstand? What resistance
do they have when good? (This could be fun: the first time I can
go to the junk yard and determine the condition of an essential-
for-function part solely with a meter :)