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mt washington 99

In response to Dan's subtle change of subject:

I thought I had it made when I saw the family's itinerary for the summer:
Dropping the girls off at camp at lake Winniposaki (sp?) the weekend of June
26/7?  Isn't that the weekend of the Hillclimb?!?  Isn't the lake 5-10 miles
from Mt. W?!?  Then, the rest of the story:  Suzuki music camp in DC the
entire prior week, final concerts on Saturday, mandating a mad drive north
Saturday evening, an exhausted overnight in NY, then the 5 hours up to NH,
dropping the kids off right about the time the last of the hillclimb racers
is loaded onto the trailers for the trip home.  So close, and yet...

We'll at least wheel the recently lightened ovlov wagon by the scene to pick
up a T-shirt...

Brandon Hull

>I'd like to hear from people about:

>- - caravanning to the event
>- - places to stay
>- - planned gatherings at the event

>Discuss amongst yourselves.  :)