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Re: Ur quattro starter fault?

In message <000501beb9cb$9739cd80$565b883e@default> "Jim Haseltine" writes:

> My Ur-q got itself flatbedded today. There I was, passing a line of slower
> vehicles, revs at about 6000, pulled back into the traffic stream and with a
> rattle the engine cut. Coasted for about half a mile until I found somewhere
> to pull off the road. The radiator fan was working and the temperature gauge
> was showing at 2 segments above 'N' (probably 'cos the engine had been
> working hard for a while before it stopped). Tried to restart but all that
> happened was that the starter motor spun, the starter drive didn't engage
> the ringgear so the engine didn't turn over. Had to call recovery and was
> flatbedded home.

I think you might have had a mega flywheel nasty.

It's almost impossible for the starter to spin but not engage.  Unless
the ring is missing ...

If it demolished the pin on its way out, it would stop the engine.

Or the cam belt has let go.  The MB is nominally non-interference,
but this guarantee is not valid at high revs on an old engine.

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