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US S4 Options


(comments below)

There are so many great interior combinations in the A4 that it's tragic
that your only choices in a US S4 are silver and black (oh, and
seat inserts...) 

---One opinion FWIW.  AS long as AoA sticks to the guns, the "silver"
leather is actually a VERY light color and definitely NOT silver grey
(IMO).  You cannot order the seating in the wonderful (sic) melange /
burnt umber color if that's what you are after. While the majority of
folks here seem to dislike the lighter interiors, this may appeal to
your _classy_ side.  Full leather seating complemented with grey
birdseye maple trim.

---The Alcantera option is a good one for a number of reasons IMHO.  1) 
Al trim. 2)  Grippy surface.  3)  CLEANABLE.  But, the dual color setup
is definitely towards the _sporting_ side.
In other countries besides the US, does the S4 come with more options
the interior? If so, what are they?

---Unlimited actually.  Quattro GmbH, an internal _custom_ shop for Audi
AG will supply interior and exterior to your request (although a lister
on the s-cars group seems to have met the actual threshold with a
request for alcantera headliner ;-).  And the answer to your next
question is no (move to the EC).

Would anyone be willing to mail me a foreign brochure, or is there
in the US that you can get copies of foreign brochures?

---www.audi.de or www.audi.com will send you foreign brochures within a
couple of weeks.  However, unless you are a masochist I mustn't
recommend it.  

And finally, does anyone know of a way to get Audi to build a car with a
of options that are clearly within their power, but that they don't
currently offer? It seems that it would be easy for them to build an S4
an A4's interior, like the Advance with Ecru leather....

---This one is EASY.  I can think of probably 100+ folks on the A4.org
list that would swap interiors in a heartbeat.  Go ahead and order the
Black leather / Blue Alcantera option and trade out for the ecru.  Which
segues to the next issue...

---The market for the S4 IS limited here.  In order to match the BLACK
dash and door trim (console, etc...), the options for interiors are
fairly limited.

---Be glad that you actually want an S4 sedan.  And that it's actually
coming.  The options are merely secondary.  The mechanics will be worth
it. (Perhaps I should rephrase that last sentence)

Derek Daily
90 CQ (Lago with classy Grey leather seating and black/grey dash)
86.5 VW qsw (Faded red with ripped grey velour seating)
-  I want an S4 Avant.  Nogaro Blue, w/ Silver leather/Perforated Silver
Alcantera seating.
-  I may (temporarily) settle for the Nogaro sedan.