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A/C flap door questions-no replies yet, want to work on it today

No replies yet.  Want to work on the car today...

My Flap door in the dash broke again.  I am not going to fork over cash again 
to get it fix.  So I'm trying this myself, this time.  Here is a few 

Can I use the spring again or get another one at the dealer? 

Where does the spring go?  I only see a oval black ball and a rubber boot at 
the end of it with a plastic disc.  Nothing I can hook up to?  Am I missing 
something here?

My problem was that I am getting heat at my feet and my AC was real weak.  I 
would need to put it on AUTO/LO b4 I can get cool air( not cold ).  Many have 
suggested the flap door.  I got mad last night and didn't know where the 
spring went I "jimmy" it shut with a few pieces of wood.  Now I get cool air. 
 Buts still not cold air.  Even in LO.  And the cool air is not consistant.  
I get warm are in about 5-10 minutes and then back to cool air again.  Freon 
recharge?  What else could it be?  

Any input would be great!  I would of looked in the Archive but you can only 
search by dates and not subjects.

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA - its getting hot