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Ur quattro engine damage

Oh dear. I could use other words but I won't.

With the car in reverse, rocking it backwards and forwards moves the
flywheel, pistons #1 & #5 move but the front pulley and cam don't.
Rotate the powersteering pump pulley, the front pulley and cam move but the
pistons and flywheel don't.

Guess that I'm going to have to pull the engine and strip it. Considering
the revs that I was pulling when things went wrong I don't think that there
is any way that I could have got away without serious damage here.

I'm working on the theory that when Alwyn Kershaw (York) fitted a new cam
belt for the previous owner in Feb 96 (approx 25k miles ago) they didn't
tighten the front pulley properly - but we'll see when I get things to

Just how does this engine come out, upwards or downwards?

Jim Haseltine