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Purpose of the list

Sorry to waste more time but I cannot keep my mouth shut about this. The purpose
of this list, to the best of my understanding, is "for discussing the ownership,
driving and repair of Audi automobiles." I take that to mean just about anything
to do with Audis, including discussion of driving and owning an Audi (see
above). If you want ONLY mechanical advice, then you are SOL and I take it that
you are really saying that unless I have something to say that you want to hear
about that I should keep my mouth shut.

I pay homage to the Audi gods and have never had any significant problems (yet).
You are NOT entitled to advice for the simple fact that maybe no-one out there
can help you. I would gladly help if I could. Go ahead and ask your question
multiple times if you want but do not think that you are being snubbed because
people cannot help you.

Furthermore, the reason that I do not contribute much to the technical
discussion is that I am relatively new to Audi ownership. I have only owned an
A4 and currently an A6. These cars are new and everything is covered by the
warranty so I do not have to worry about fixing them. It is not that I don't car
about your problems, I cannot help because I have neither the knowledge nor the
experience with most of these cars. Maybe I will never own a UrQ and could care
less about them (no flames please just an example). I don't go around bitching
about posts that do not appeal to me, if I am not interested I will not read it.
That is your right too.

OK, that said I promise to shut up.