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Re: One less lister, was Stupid bet! RKM list question

<<Road kill master,

Well, I really don't care that you are engaged in a road kill derby.>>

	Hmmm, let's see....
	1 deer ($1300 damage)
	1 Rottweiler
	1 small mixed breed dog
	Several birds (up to a turkey vulture)
	Numerous raccoons
	Numerous 'possums
	Buncha squirrels
	Several snakes, including poisonous species (those I run over MANY 
times to 			make sure...)
	Haven't hit any cats yet (they're QUICK!)
	Hey, can I count frogs and toads? Maybe just the ones where I could 
feel the 			impact through the steering wheel?

	This list is for various cars (but all scores are from Bucksnort 
only). Or am I required to qualify in one vehicle only? Oh, do I need to 
exclude the ones we grilled?

	Where does this put me on the R.K.M. list? Inquiring minds in 
Bucksnort wanna know....