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Re: HELP! I am locked out!!

>The driver's side has never worked correctly, and is very low on the
>priority list...
>In the meantime, I've been unlocking the passenger side and pulling the
>lock up, once the door was open...
>The lock moves up and down, but the little moving handle on the inside
>doesn't open the door...

Well, I'll take a stab....

Since the inside handle appaently isn't connected to the latch mechanism,
you'll have to get to it from the outside, as I don't think you can pull the
interior door panel with the door closed.

_Unless_, of course, you can! Have a look on that aspect.

My next thought is to remove the outside handle, in order to get to the rod
that attaches to the latch. Yes, I know there are two screws that are only
accessable from the door jam. I also know what those latches are made of,
and that he's due for replacement anyways.

Bust it. Careful of the paint!

Have a look at the Bentley beforehand so you know what to look for...there
is no sense doing this if you drop the wee rod that you need as you break
the handle apart.

Never tried this, YMMV.

Of course, if you _can_ get the interior panel off, just reach in and haul
on the little rod that attaches to the latch.

And move up the door handle priority, eh?

Steve Bigelow

BTW, course cars at the Montreal Grand Prix were Audis!