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Difference between engines: JT and KX

Dear listers:

	I was just wondering if anyone knew the difference between the JT and 
the KX engines.  I can't seem to find any my self other than the spark plugs 
VWOA recommends for the two.  Now having two cars with 5 cylinder engines one 
JT and one KX I'd really like to know.  Some of you might say the Exhaust 
manifold is triple outlet on the JT but I found that the 88 Quantum had the 
JT engine with a single outlet down pipe.  Any news for me would be great.


87 4000 CS quattro
85 Quantum GL5
73 Type 1 Sedan
86 Chevrolet Cavalier

If anyone wants to buy the chevy I will take 150 or best offer for it.