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Re: Attack that Rack.

I am about to attempt this job, I had heard that it was critical to replace
all high pressure hoses when you change the rack.  Does anybody have
experience with this requirement?  Is the warranty void if you don't?

86 5000TQ
94 100S
71 Chevelle 454SS

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Subject: Attack that Rack.

> hAudi:
> Just finished putting in the rebuilt steering rack in the '84 5KS.  No
> where near the 8 hours some listers seem to think it takes, total time: 2
> hours. This is with the car on a lift, pneumatic impact gun and rachet,
> one willing assistant.  Previous experience with a rack or two.
> Anyone tackling this should have a 13mm and 19mm universal socket, the
> HAZET kind.  Amazing what a time saver these are, expecially with an air
> ratchet. They are worth their weight in green gold.
> Leave the reservoir line on the rack and take it off after the rack is
> out of the car.
> Check the high pressure line that goes from the rack to pump when you're
> done to make sure that it isn't rubbing on the tie rod.
> Have someone press down the steering wheel while you tighten the 13mm nut
> and bolt that hold it to the rack shaft, otherwise it'll force the
> bearing and make noise.
> It is a PITA job, but what makes it much easier is to have the car up
> high enough to where you're not bending over and down while doing the
> job.  Also, I was wrong in my previous post, this rack has a lifetime
> warranty, not 3 years.  I'm hoping I never have to take them up on this
> warranty.
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