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CGT Parts Available

This morning I purchased a '86 CGT (blown engine) with 146,000 km.  It's 
been in storage (inside) in London, Ontario since May 1990.  Car is 
immaculate, dark blue with the gray/black cloth interior.

I only need the body, exterior trim, mirrors, door handles, window 
regulators and interior - all other "stuff" available.  Located on the 
north shore of Lake Erie (Ontario, Canada) between Detroit and Buffalo.

The person who sold me this car said his son blew the engine in 1990, towed 
it home got married 2 months later and moved to Alberta.  Car has sat there 
ever since.  His father has now sold the house so the car has to go.  He 
contacted the Audi dealer in London, Ontario who I deal with and they 
contacted me.  Car was maintained by Dealer and they confirmed that they 
looked at the car and yes in deed the engine was definitely poached and 
thoroughly seized (kid threatened to sue if they didn't give him a 

Car is being shipped next week and I will be stripping it to the shell the 
2nd and 3rd week in July.  By the end of July what's not taken will be 
shipped to scrap yard (wife made me include this sentence).

Need "stuff" send me your list and I'll put it aside.  If it looks like 
crap when I take the "stuff" off, I'll let you know.  First come first 
serve.  You arrange for and pay the freight or pick the "stuff" up no later 
than the end of July 1999.  Sorry, I don't know if US citizens have to pay 
brokerage or duty on imported used parts from Canada so please don't ask.

Don Muirhead
Simcoe, Ontario
'99 A4 2.8
'96 S6
'86 CGT
'86 CGT (new project)