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RE: Limited slip diffs

In message <01BEBB94.B88F3720.IsuzuG@prodigy.net> "George W. Selby, III" writes:

> Apparently someone didn't read my original post.  Here I have reposted it,
> because I have clearly explained how a torsen (TORque SENsing differential)
> operates, as well as other limited slip devices, both under torque and 0
> torque conditions.  The first paragraph explains a differential
> distributing torque on the ground, and then describes how you can make it a
> 0 torque spinning wheel (by lifting it off the ground)  The original
> question post asked about a wheel in the air, so that is basically what my
> response to was.  The main difference between a Torsen and a regular
> limited slip are how it accomplishes the task.  A Torsen uses a special
> fluid inside the special diff.  A regular limited slip uses small clutch
> packs and springs.  Some high performance ones use gears that bind together
> under slippage conditions.

It's not a good idea to criticise someone else for not reading a post,
when you haven't done your own homework.  Torsen differentials do NOT
use special fluids - they use a special helical gear assembly.

See http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/Torsen.htm

See also the ZEXEL and Gleason corporations' web pages.

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