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Re: popular mechanics cd-rom (v8); fiche to cd rom

VDI3229999@aol.com writes:

>at auto-zone today i saw popular mechanics cd-rom's which included 
>claims for 
>many imports, and specifically audi models - (i noticed v8 quattro 
>out, but there were several models cited)....  system is you buy the 
>($20) - which covers many cars, then take it home and phone in for 

This sounds like the AllData CD which is being marketed under the 
Popular Mechanics name.  As far as V8 info, it sucks. Even the full
blown Alldata system is practically useless for V8Q info. BTDT

>PART 2:  bob myer has let it be known he is assembling group of v8-ers 
>from list to share cost of transferring fiche (from VAG, I think) to cd

Scanning from the printed manual will make for much improved results. 
There is
a printed manual, which I suspect a few listers to the V8Q and this group
have managed to get a copy of in the distant and recent past. 

The difference between the fiche and the printed manual is that the fiche

was updated to correct mistakes (nomenclature mainly) and incorporate the

4.2L and stick shift information.  I have a paper copy of the fiche, done
2 to a page (saves money, as fiche copy is 25cents a page) and even specs

of dust interfere with the copy.  To copy a fiche you'd have to use a
new one that hasn't been handled yet to get decent results.

The CD can be made for very short money if someone had access to a high 
speed scanner, I had the intention of making such a CD, borrowing one of 
the B&H scanners I was exporting, but just didn't have the time.  I'd be 
willing to supply a pristine copy of the paper manual, and a decent copy
the fiche to anyone interested in doing the scanning and burning of CD's.
As with the manuals, these would have to be distributed at cost.

Get in touch through private email, or the V8Q list if anyone reading
this is interested.



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