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Re: Resetting Oil Service Indicator

Hairy green toads from Mars made Levis-Fithian, Jeff E say:

> My trip odometer display on my 95 A6Q is flashing "OIL" for about 10 seconds
> when I start my car.  The oil level is fine, so I'm assuming this means that
> I need to go to my local Audi dealer and pay $60 for an oil change.
> However, I have blatantly ignored my owner's manual recommendation not to
> perform such a complicated repair procedure without 2 years of factory
> training and have gone ahead and changed the oil myself (OEM filter and
> Mobil 1).  The question is, how can I reset the service indicator?  Do I
> need to humbly go to my dealer and ask them to reset it?  I wasn't able to
> find anything in the Bentley.

Yup, that thing about the dealer :-(


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