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Mt. Wahington Race Caravan

Fellow Quattrolist members planning on attending the Mt. Washington 'Climb
to the Clouds' on Saturday or Sunday 26 and 27 June 1999.

Andy Duane, our caravan leader emeritus, is unable to attend this year, and
has asked me to lead the caravan in his place.  (If there is anyone else is
interested in being moose bait, I will happily let him lead.)  The caravan
will assemble at the Hookset NH rest area, just north of the toll plaza, on
Interstate Route 93N.  I am planning on attending the Quattro Club breakfast
in Jackson, Saturday morning, so I will not be going all the way to the
mountain that morning, but Jackson is nearly there if you are not part of
the QCUSA breakfast.  I plan to leave Hookset at 6:45 AM EDT on Saturday to
get to Jackson before the others eat all the food, and at 6:30 AM EDT on
Sunday so we can easily get in before the Sunday 0900 gate closing.

Anyone needing race information who didn't receive any from Paul Royal,
please contact me and I will forward a copy.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 180 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 185 kmi 
1988 90q Stone gray, 180 kmi - parts car
1995 S6 Pearl effect, 80 kmi