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Re: Audi vs. Ford (was Mistaken Identity)

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From: Hien Pham <hienpham@mindless.com>
To: quattro@audifans.com <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: Audi vs. Ford (was Mistaken Identity)

>> FWIW though, Audi styling was more distinctive in the '80s.  My A4Q is
>> Honda-ish in appearance.
>> Regards
>Thank God. At least someone has the guts to be honest.

Um, I think the Audi A4 is one of the hottest looking cars on the road, and
the S4 will be even hotter.  I was skeptical about the TT, but I love it.
Truly original styling.

In fact, out of all the cars out there, the only NEW cars I would buy are an
Audi A4, a Mercedes Benz C280 Sport, or a Lexus GS400 (I absolutely LOVE
that one!!!!!).  I think the GS400 really raised the bar for which all
sports sedans will be measured.  IT IS that impressive!!!!

I do think the mid-80's Audis had great character as well, and I am the
owner of two type-44's.

The thing that did scare me was.....I saw some pictures of the potential
next generation A4.....UHHhhhhAhhhhh!  It was UGLY.  I would never like it
either.  Looked like some crazy japanese concept car for those inner-cities.
Let's just say I hope Audi sticks with the current desighn for many years.
I think the one benefit of it's styling is that it's looks will keep for a
long time.

I'm not crazy about the Audi A6 either.  My mom has a '97 and I think it's
beautiful.  Yes, car needed a restyling, but I think they went too extreme.
The car is ok, except for the back of it.  I really don't like the back end
of that car at all.  Gotten more used to it, but I still don't like it.

I am also scared as I don't like what Volkswagen has done.  I used to like
just about every car they made and now I don't like one.  The Jetta III was
a work of art.... The Jetta IV (the new one) looks stupid.  It also rated
last in a comparison test with 5 of it's competitors!!!!!  Kind of a step
backwards, wouldn't you say?  A friend of mine just bought a new Honda
Accord V6, and I must say it's not bad.  It also drove very nice and was
very smooth (unlike the late 80's accord I used to have...that was a real
POS!).  This car was very refined and drove more like an Acura.  Way ahead
of a Volkswagen in my books, and looks a hell of a lot better too!

Just blabbin on my opinions.  BTW, Most of Audis styling is done right here
in the US.  They have a huge desighn studio in Simi Valley, California.