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RE: Pilot bearing removal

I second the method of a previous lister regarding pilot bearing removal
using the 'hydraulic method.'  You can use any round steel or brass bolt or
dowel with a diameter that will just clear the ID of the pilot bearing.
Pack the hole with grease, take a whack at the bolt or dowel with a hammer,
pull out the bolt, pack some more grease in there, and take another whack or
two, and you'll see the pilot bearing begin to push out.  The grease pushes
it out from the backside.  I've used this method dozens of times on many,
many different cars, and it's never failed.  This has two advantages: 1)
it's cheap, since you don't need a pilot bearing puller with a slide hammer;
2) there's less chance of damaging something if you're inexperienced,
unless, of course, you can't successfully hit the head of a 10mm or 12mm
bolt or dowel.

- Jim