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Need Receiver Hitch - '92 100s

     Does anyone know of a good source for a Class II receiver style 
     trailer hitch for a '92 Audi 100s?  Draw-Tite doesn't have one 
     available.  The car is FWD and 5 speed.  The best price I've found 
     so far is $223 + shipping for a D'Lan (includes hitch, ball mount 
     and pin&clip).
     Karl H. Nitz
     '92 Audi 100S, 84k miles
     '81 Rabbit Diesel, 204k miles, daily driver
     '97 Chrysler Sebring LXi, 38k miles, wife's "German" car
     '85 Honda VF500F and '86 Kawi ZL600, both enjoying the warm weather 
     '81 VW Rabbit Truck, Parts For Sale