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Re: Audi vs. Ford (was Mistaken Identity)

I personally love the look of the TT, though the softtop I do not like by
the pictures I have seen. I also like the look of the a4 avant over the a4
sedan, the avant looks more sporty IMO...
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> In a message dated 6/21/99 12:17:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> dan_hussey@email.msn.com writes:
> > Um, I think the Audi A4 is one of the hottest looking cars on the road,
> >  the S4 will be even hotter.  I was skeptical about the TT, but I love
> >  Truly original styling.
> >
> >  In fact, out of all the cars out there, the only NEW cars I would buy
> an
> >  Audi A4, a Mercedes Benz C280 Sport, or a Lexus GS400 (I absolutely
> >  that one!!!!!).  I think the GS400 really raised the bar for which all
> >  sports sedans will be measured.  IT IS that impressive!!!!
> But in todays world, poeple want cars to look the same.  If your
> people look at you funny.  A car is more likely to sell better if the cars
> looked like a Honda, Camry, etc etc.  because poeple already buy these
> and the market is looking for these cars, so why stop a good thing?  I
know a
> handful of people that hate the styling of the TT.  I myself was one of
>  Looking at it in real life, I concluded that it looks like a Porsche
> 911/Bug/A6.  I'm sure the convertiable is going to look alot better.  It
> takes some getting use to.
> As for the GS400.  0-60 in the low 5s?  This car is suppose to be faster
> the WMB M5.  Crazy
> Jason C
> 89 200t10v
> Redmond WA